Don’t ignore us on crossings

DRIVERS, when you come across a zebra crossing - (they are the black and white things on the road) - you are supposed to stop, and let the pedestrians cross - the clue is in the name.

Every day I cross the A259 Old London Road Hastings and Ore village, and every day drivers see me, and make the decision to jump the lights or accelerate.

I know they see me because they always make eye contact, and decide it’s a risk worth taking or just ignore the dangers and plough through at speed.

Twice in the last seven days I have come close to being killed, once by a lorry driven by a commercial training service. Their details were on the side so I was able to call them and remind them what a crossing is for, as was a local mobile hairdresser who didn’t seem to be too bothered by knocking me off my bike on the seafront.

I get very annoyed by people who are going too fast, and decide it’s not worth stopping - so accelerate - but smile and mouth ‘sorry’ - as if that makes it any nice for me.

Drivers seem to think that as soon as they leave the Old town it’s a straight run out of Hastings at high speed, they get annoyed by the messy crossing at the junction of Priory/Frederick Road and put the pedal down, not expecting to stop again before Winchelsea.

From now on I’m just going to report them to the police, who will be much easier to talk to than my family when you have to explain why getting to your destination was worth knocking me down and killing me.


Offa Road