Don’t forget that it was David who beat Goliath

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RESPECTFULLY exercising my right to reply to a letter from Brian Lovett-White, chairman of Bembrook Allotment Association, where he warns that I am “a person completely unknown to the large majority of allotment holders”; if I had known this was a prerequisite to my being treated fairly, I would have erected a sign with my name on it.

Besides, the association had no problem knowing who I was, when it was chasing after the yearly payments, which I did pay each year, but will now never pay again.

As for my plot being taken away from me, and split to allow growth of “actual produce”, does he think the fruit I am growing are made of wax?

Oddly Mr Lovett-White did neglect to mention that I am growing fruit, despite the fact that this is the current main bone of contention.

Besides not formerly knowing my name, nor apparently the real issue here, it would also appear that he is blissfully unaware of the pressure exerted by the council on OAPs, in person and by letter, to meet their quota, or lose their plots.

Being chairman of the allotment association obviously does not make him privy to such correspondence or exchanges, it would appear.

As for his referring to me as “the little man apparently taking on Goliath”, I would remind Mr Lovett-White to kindly recall who won that particular battle.


Alpine Road