Don’t forget, Mr M, that you were a child once

I FEEL compelled to respond to Kris Morris’s letter in last week’s Observer.

Mr Morris had concerns about the abundance of children who are now off school, and mothers with pushchairs who selfishly seem to get in his way. I have two potential solutions for you.

Firstly, perhaps we could find a way to alert the population Hastings when you intend to make a journey somewhere. We could banish all children to their homes, and ensure all other selfish humans move to make a clear path for you walk down freely.

My second solution would be you moving to the North Pole. True, its much colder, but I hear there’s only a very small population and no one uses pushchairs. I feel this should suit you well, assuming that you don’t have an aversion to Eskimos, penguins and polar bears.

If you decide to stay in Hastings, perhaps you should remember that you were once a child, and was once in a pushchair. Live and let live!


Park Drive