Don’t build at risk of losing green space

IN RESPONSE to Jeremy Birch’s statements relating to the article in the Observer last week regarding our presentation of a petition to the leader and councillors requesting the removal of Robsack Meadow from the Local Development Plan, I feel I must raise the following issues.

Councillor Birch states that this area of green space has been earmarked for development for the past 20 years. Recent legislation regarding ancient woodland and protected wildlife has changed dramatically during recent years and this legislation now provides greater legal protection for ancient woodland and protected wildlife.

There is no doubt that any development on this last remaining area of green space will cause fragmentation of the woodlands and destroy an area that is the natural habitat for many protected species.

We hope the council takes this new legislation on board before steaming ahead with these appalling development plans.

What was acceptable 20 years ago is no longer acceptable. Much has changed during the past 20 years and the council must recognise that the ecological value of woodlands and wildlife is now acknowledged as vital to the balance of biodiversity and the eco system.

Building high rise flats in the middle of ancient woodland and a local nature reserve is unacceptable.


Robsack Campaign Group

Whittlewood Close

St Leonards