Dog seemed afraid of man in green car

I WOULD just like to write to the man in the green car in Sainsbury’s car park on Easter Saturday; we call ourselves animal lovers.

I was in the car next to where you parked, and I had just said to my husband: “Look at that elderly man with his dog, that’s probably his best friend who goes everywhere with him”.

I looked again at you and was disgusted to see the poor dog turn his face away from you, and you punching him and poking him, he looked an old dog and the poor thing had done nothing wrong.

You, sir, give elderly people a bad name, and if you don’t want the poor dog, give him up. Somebody would love him, I would.

My husband spoke to you and said he would report you to the RSPCA and you had the cheek to say you were an animal lover.

I wish I had reported you as I cannot help worry that you do this often as the poor dog could not look you in the face and was obviously afraid of you.


Cavendish Avenue

St Leonards