Do we live in Eyesore-on-Sea?

I JUST received a questionnaire headed Strategic Partnership from the council - all sorts of tick box stuff about how the town is run and so on - and among the questions was one about the standards of street cleanliness.

And would you believe it, the very next morning as I drove up Mount Pleasant, there were the pavements swamped with the contents of seagull attacked bin bags. The questionnaire is, of course, completely useless in that you cannot be specific about what is a major issue in Hastings as Mount Pleasant is by no means the only part of the town afflicted with this horrendous problem, week in and week out.

So - instead of sending my issue-avoiding response to a PO Box in north east England - maybe someone from the council will read this. What about a strategic partnership between the council, refuse collectors and residents to deal with this problem? What kind of advert is it for Hastings?

Surely the pavements of Mount Pleasant aren’t so narrow that bins secured to railings and walls can be used to keep the bin bags - and if need be - emptied every two or three days?

Our town turns into Eyesore-on-Sea far too regularly - it’s time to deal with it, Hastings Borough Council. No need to pay some market research people from the other end of the country to carry out a meaningless survey that fails to address real issues.

Deal with it locally and stop wasting money getting someone miles away to tell you what’s going in your own back yard.


The Ridge