Dismayed at rail timetable plan

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Dee Connolly, Cooden Beach, Bexhill

As a lawyer who frequently commutes from the Bexhill area to London and indeed all over the country I was horrified to see that the proposals to change the rail service from Bexhill in December 2018 bears little consideration for the long distance traveller or commuter. As we local commuters know the Ashford service has a number of uses, particularly for those wishing to travel to north or central London and/or make changes to the Midlands or North of England.

My heart sank to see that an additional change of train is now proposed at Hastings, especially in view of Southern’s appalling record and inherently unreliable service in recent years.

If this wasn’t bad enough GTR/Southern’s latest plans seem to envisage no improvement for us on the Victoria service and indeed their proposals are to increase journey times.

If any other readers are concerned about the impact of these changes then it maybe worth writing in to express your view and /or complain to this email address: gtr.timetableconsultation@gtrailway.com.