Disgusted by the litter louts

I WALKED from The Stade to the pier on Sunday evening and was absolutely disgusted with the amount of litter strewn around.

Rubbish bins were full and overflowing, bags of rubbish had been left by the bins and the seagulls had ripped them opened and spread the contents everywhere.

Food, wrappers, dirty nappies, cans etc - What sort of impression does this give visitors to our town? The town has a bad enough reputation and this only adds fuel to the fire and endorses the town’s ‘run down’ slummy image.

I contacted the cleansing department and it said it couldn’t have cleaning operatives on duty after certain hours. Surely, as in any other business you employ staff at the times they are most needed?

At 7.30pm on a hot sunny summer weekend keeping the beach and foreshore area clean should be paramount. Although the department promised to ‘look into’ this it will be interesting to see if there is any improvement next weekend.

A two-man team and truck is all that is needed or why not put people on community service on this problem.


Stonehouse Drive

St Leonards