Disgraceful damage to Fire Hills

With regard to a recent letter regarding the disgraceful damage that is being done to the Fire Hills, who is responsible and gave permission for this to be done - which officers and councilors on HBC?

How much is this costing using giant caterpillar digger surely much more sense to do a controlled burn off, or employ some unemployed people to do manually which in turn would do fare less damage to the surface of the ground.

And while I am on the subject of the Country Park, why is coppicing not done to encourage new strong regrowth along with cutting the ivy back on the trees. So many have fallen due to over weight of ivy especially the great old trees.

HBC is looking into the land slip which could have been caused by man and then how come immense damage is being caused to the Fire Hills? Surely this is on a par for the future of Rocklands problems.

Christopher Bowman

Dudley Road