Disappointing trip to Jerwood

AS an occasional visitor to Hastings from south London, I paid a visit to the Jerwood Gallery last week.

What a disappointment! I requested a guide to the gallery, but despite the £8 fee there is none. The gallery is aimed at the connoisseur, with a narrow range of contemporary and abstract art.

There is no traditional portraiture, or landscapes or seascapes, and nothing I could find reflecting nor derived from Hastings or Sussex. Sadly there is only a limited link with local schools.

This gallery ignores the town of Hastings; it is imposed upon it. And the hideous building says it all.

I assume the uniform black is a pretence at context, in the form of the black net shops. We have much misconceived architecture in Lambeth, but nothing as malign as this.

How could Hastings Borough Council have approved this plug-ugly black box? Are Hastings councillors all metro-trendies themselves, or just gullible?

Please, supply a written guide, get in some ‘popular’ art, establish proper links with the community, and do something, anything, to lighten the visual burden of this building. Until then I shall stick to the incomparable De La Warr Pavilion.


Roxburgh Road

West Norwood