Disabled parking letter sought reaction

HAVING read the article titled “Car park complaints miss the big picture”, in Friday’s 6th Jan edition, it seems to me your correspondent Ms Adams, is trying to provoke a reaction.

Firstly, the implication is that all Blue Badge holders receive free parking, free car, free tax, free MOTs etc. In fact, the majority do not, so get your facts right.

Surely the reason that the disabled get these benefits is to help them make up the financial shortfalls they suffer, because the majority cannot hold down a well-paid job.

This will help give them a reasonable standard of living and independence.

I am not sure what she means about the disabled moaning and groaning, and they should help those more unfortunate than themselves.

Well, I will ask my disabled 16-year-old son, who has left-sided hemiplegia, epilepsy, and learning problems, for his whole life, if he feels that people waiting for an MRI scan are more unfortunate than him.

But this will have to wait as it appears he is about to have another fit.

D T, Westfield