Disabled need main branch

WITH regard to the article ‘Post Office staff strike’ in the Observer (June 28), it would be with great sorrow to Hastings town centre for the main Crown Post Office, Cambridge Road to close.

I think trying to get branch shops to take this on is really rather stupid.

Post Offices (Crown) are for all public residents, not just the able bodied. ‘Salmons’ on the seafront which has an annexe post office, is too small. A lot of the public have mobile scooters, tri-walkers, seat walkers, wheelchairs. It would be a dangerous place for taxis to drop off passengers – WHSmith has a queue sometimes large just for themselves, let alone a post office.

I personally get a taxi to Cambridge Road Post Office at the top of Priory Street, so that I can then steadily walk down the hill to town. It’s very difficult the other way round. If I, being a disabled person, had to get a taxi to ‘Salmons’- if that was chosen – I know I personally would have difficulty, but then I would need to order yet another taxi into town.

The main Crown Post Office in Cambridge Road was renovated for the better - what on earth does the Royal Mail think it is trying to achieve?


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