Difficulties in registering to vote

Prior to the recent election I received an electoral registration form in which I was requested to send the names of members of my household ‘online’, on studying the document I could see no alternative means of returning this information to the electoral office, so did not send it back.

A month later I received a reminder advising me I either submitted this information ‘online’ or I would not be entitled to vote.

I returned the form and at the same time asked if people were no longer entitled to vote if they did not have access to a computer.

I eventually received a paper electoral form which I completed and returned.

My point is, I had to persevere in order to be allowed to vote (although from the ultimate result I need not have bothered!) So, how many senior citizens and less well off people felt barred from voting because they did not own a computer, either because of their financial circumstances or age group?

The outcome of the election may have been very different.

Beatrice Guest

Ridgewood Gardens