Development threat to badgers

IT was indeed uplifting to read in your paper that Cllr Phil Scott is appealing to East Sussex County Council (ESCC) to halt any proposals for a badger cull across East Sussex.

However, there are hundreds of badgers at serious risk of death and starvation in this town - not due to any cull but due to unsympathetic development where the welfare of these protected animals appears to be a minor consideration.

Since 2007 local residents have campaigned to save Robsack Meadow from development. This important wildlife habitat sits directly in the centre of the Ancient Woodland Local Nature Reserve of Robsack Wood and Churchwood.

It is home to many protected species including badgers who use the area as a foraging ground. Birds use this site as a first and last resting site during their migration.

Much publicity has been issued regarding the importance of meadows for the environment and yet this little site faces a death sentence if development is permitted. The inventory of the wildlife and flora contained within the woodlands and the meadow is huge and comprehensive. Any development on this site would create an environmental disaster.

Reports by the borough ecologist in 1998 clearly outlined the devastation which would occur if any development was permitted on this fragile site. These reports are buried in the council archives but we have copies if anyone is interested to read the damning evidence against development.

It would encourage the people who continue their battle to save this meadow from building development if Cllr Scott made it his priority to take care of issues which are literally on his doorstep.


Whittlewood Close

St Leonards