Development bid

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THE people of Hastings are being duped again. Can we stop calling this the ‘Link Road’ and call it what it really is. It is the ‘Combe Valley Industrial Park and Housing Estate’.

As a regular user of the Bexhill Road I can say this will do nothing to alleviate the problems.

To try to sell it as if it would is nothing short of a con trick.

Your correspondent the other week was correct; all we really need is proper traffic management at Glyne Gap, and also at Little Common.

It is these two roundabouts and the associated pedestrian crossings that cause the problems and these could be solved at a fraction of the cost.

The road is simply to open up a large area of land for development, nothing more. What should be being debated is whether it is right to have large scale development on an SSSI or on a potential area of archaeological significance or whether the money could be spent locally on better things to regenerate the local economy.

The road is and always was a smoke screen so that we will allow them to develop. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. I am sure that if people realised the truth there would be public outcry. Take off the blinkers Hastings before it’s too late.


Collier Road