Determined to control minds of our children

IN RESPONSE to Ann Carey’s letter to the Observer (May 6) from her most dilligent description, I am confident that she witnessed what are described as Chemtrails.

The powers that be are determined to control the minds of our children.

We are aware of such things as Ofsted and ASBOS, and as one of my children works in primary education, I am fully aware of the targets and curricula designed to mind control the left brain, leaving the right brain used for imagination and consciousness, bereft of expansion.

The words freedom and liberty are old hat now. You will be told that Chemtrails are an attempt to control the weather, but there are many other sinister issues.

Above all, many of them contain toxic chemicals that are a danger to life. It is like the side effects that one can get from drugs.

One wonders why we have lost all of our honey bees who were responsible for fertilising our fruit trees.

Symptoms in sprayed areas have included respiratory and flu-like conditions and sometimes mental confusion and depression.

Chemtrails have also been linked to outbreaks of Morgellans disease.

Perhaps the chemical concoction that you witnessed was programmed to bring the young people’s left brain into line.


Tilekiln Lane