Demonstrators’ cause is just

WE are told that ‘we are all in this together’, but are we? I think not.

The elderly, the sick and the disadvantaged are up to their necks but the villains of the situation (the bankers) continue to display their outrageous greed.

I attended the recent budget meeting at Hastings town hall. I was most impressed by Cllr Birch and his team in their efforts to reduce the number of redundancies to single figures.

Former mayor Maureen Charlesworth complained about the cost cutting of the mayoralty duties including the mayor’s car.

Those of us who have had the pleasure of meeting the mayor Kim Forward know that she does not need all the trappings of office.

Her charm and understanding makes her a superb mayor.

The argument that other Cinque Ports towns will look down on Hastings does not hold water.

Other Cinque Ports towns need to realise that nowhere in the country has had a worse settlement than Hastings and appreciate that Hastings has got its priorities right.

Congratulations to the demonstrators, their cause is just. Every job loss is tragic with honest, hard-working people facing poverty.

Like many people I have received tremendous help and support from the NHS but the doctors and nurses plus all the people employed in our caring society are only valued at about one per cent of the value of the highest paid bankers in wage terms.


North Trade Road