Deep dismay at plan approval

From: D. Roberts, Roundwood Road, St Leonards

I would like to register my deep dismay that HBC’s planning committee voted in favour of building 140 dwellings on the Harrow Lane Playing Fields as it is yet another example of what is becoming known as “municipal vandalism” by HBC.

This is nothing less than a land grab of publicly-owned green space – easy pickings – so that the government’s unrealistic housing targets can be met despite Hastings being full up with people and traffic already.

Labour’s Cllr Turner is reported to have said that people should have objected earlier about this development when the Local Plan was being discussed.

Well, some people did, actually, but, as usual, their objections were ignored.

This decision will mean even more traffic on the already-congested Ridge, and where all the new residents to the area will find doctors, dentists, school places, etc, I don’t know – especially as adjacent sites for at least 65 dwellings are also on the cards.