Dedicated staff

OUR daughter has been a member of the Accident and Emergency Department at the Conquest Hospital for many years. Little did she know she was going to need all their help and expertise to save her life.

At 7pm on Sunday, December 30 she was starting a 12-hour duty and during the change over suddenly she was taken very ill.

The A&E staff began fighting for our daughter’s and their colleague’s life, as she had for some unknown reason been overwhelmed with anaphylactic shock. She had to be incubated and put on life support.

She spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit, and then the Coronary Care Unit and is now at home recuperating.

It is with gratitude we write to the Observer on how proud we all should be for the wonderful Conquest Hospital and dedicated and professional staff that run it.

Our very own thanks go to Dr Nick McNeillis and all who cared for her in such a fantastic way.


Spring Lane

Little Common