Decision in line with what I expected

FURTHER to your article in the Observer last week, I write to inform you that I did not expect Hsatings Borough Council (HBC) to agree to the mini-rail proposal.

In fact, when I went to the meeting with HBC on June 11, I knew that it would not be approved.

Although I am disappointed, I have not have given up hope that there will be some solution.

It does not have to be a mini-rail link, just an improved transport system between the Old

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From opposite

Town and West St Leonards. In last week’s Observer, the letters from Sue Tait, Caroline Eaves and, in a story, Councillor Finch, had the idea of a dotto train.

I also meet many local people who want improved transport all year running and they keep enquiring about the progress.

Richard Stevens who kindly accompanied and represented me during the HBC meeting also mentioned that the dotto train n Eastbourne actually generated £64,000 per annum. Why can’t we do the same?

I trust this will give HBC and readers some food for thought.


Marine Court

St Leonards