Cuts come as no surprise

FOLLOWING the report in the Observer (June 6) that The Ridge fire station is to lose 20 jobs owing to make a saving of £7.1 million over next few years comes as no surprise.

I am assuming that central Government cuts have led to the position we are in now and this is while the UK Government sends £30 million in benefits to children abroad and Ed Miliband wants to put National Insurance contributions (another tax) up to fund a better National Health Service (NHS).

If the UK had all the money we have sent to other nations over the last 20 or so years in our coffers we would be one of the most stable societies on the planet but unfortunately we have a short-sighted Government who hands out money to all but the people who need and who supplied it in the first place to give this country and its people a better return.

Let us just hope that in the future, Hastings area doesn’t get another major fire like the recent one on the seafront that may just catch us short-handed where its needed the most, here in Britain.


Duke Street