Cuts are too severe

ALTHOUGH honoured to be a beneficiary of your new policy of adding biographical details of correspondents, I do hope no reader was thereby influenced in their understanding of my views on the recent council budget meeting. I also hope when eventually successful as a Labour candidate, you will publish a more generous description.

I wrote as a resident appalled by the level of cuts imposed on this already needy town, who attended the debate expecting to see some outrage from all parties about the consequences of ideologically driven Government policies which unfairly discriminate against the most vulnerable – instead I saw complacency from some members and understandable anger from others both inside and outside the chamber.

All informed commentators agree these cuts are too severe and being applied far too quickly and it is acknowledged that Hastings, one of the most deprived towns in the country, is having its grants cut by the greatest amount.

As a former journalist, I commend the way in which you try to balance political reporting of the various parties; but surely nobody in our community should remain neutral when looking at the impact of the savage cuts being imposed which are severely damaging the essential work of the voluntary and community sectors as well as the borough council.


London Road, St Leonards.