Criticism of gallery 
is harsh and unfair

YOUR correspondent Lee Allane criticised the Jerwood Gallery’s new membership scheme for its cost.

What they fail to recognise is that the concessionary membership price of £20 is also available to Hastings Borough Council residents.

I joined on the day the scheme opened and have already visited twice, once taking some visitors for free - another benefit.

We also enjoyed the amazing views from the cafe accompanied by a 10 per cent discount on the bill. I reckon I’ve already saved £20 and there are still 10 months left of my membership to enjoy.

The Jerwood staff must have given much thought to the scheme, will be judged by its success or failure and should be allowed to get on and do just that. As employees of a registered charity, they are accountable to their trustees and in turn their trustees are accountable to the Charity Commissioners.

Lee Allane also criticises the quality of the Jerwood Collection. The Jerwood Foundation has never claimed that it has the best or most comprehensive collection.

It is a collection, and at any one time, less than 35 per cent of it is on view, so I look forward to seeing more of it unfold in our town, thanks to my membership card.


Ashburnham Road