Cracking up

OH dear, here we go again: Hastings Borough Council (HBC) has some spare cash (gained from milking motorists) and has, as usual, decided to splash the lot on the town centre, mainly on ‘paving repairs’, as reported in the Observer (September 13).

HBC needs to remind itself that it is not Hastings Town Council but Hastings Borough Council and that there are other areas of the borough whose need is greater than the comparatively pampered town centre.

The paving, if it can be called that, alongside the busy shops in Ore is a long-standing disgrace. After years of asking, HBC promised that the work would finally be done this year. Time is running out.

Also, all poor Ore is to get is the cheapest black tar, so sticky in summer, slippery in winter and ugly all year round. How about some superior ‘red tarmac’ or ‘block paving’ instead; the two choices being considered for the town centre?

We also read that the remaining windfall is to be spent on ‘new signage and information boards’, bus shelters and seats. Signage? This Way To Glyne Gap And Bexhill For Shopping With Free Parking perhaps? Bus shelters?

The need is greater on The Ridge as missing the only bus linking Ore, the town centre and the Conquest means an hour’s timetabled wait for the next one. Seats? So they can be monopolised by drunks intimidating passers-by?

Come on HBC. Why not ask ward councillors to name their area’s most urgent need and share this £133,000 out proportionately, so that all parts of the borough receive and benefit from a fair share of the loot?



Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association