Countryside must be our priority

WHAT a beautiful day to start off the New Year! Looking out over Combe Haven Valley in full flood.

You could just imagine a Norman ship cruising up the once tidal estuary.

It’s days like these that are priceless - lovely winter’s sun after so much rain glistening on the water. Priceless. Oh, forgot the millions of pounds it’s going to cost to destroy it.

Just to stand there admiring the vista for as little as 20 minutes makes the countless hours spent in traffic over the many years worth it.

Oh, and just in case you might stereo type me Richard Bolton (Observer, December 21) I grew up with both the Tillingham Valley and Brede Valley on my door step where I spent many of day shooting, hunting and fishing.

It does not matter whether people want to chain themselves up to things or are vegetarian, what matters is protecting a very important wetland and woodland habitat, containing many protected species including a barn which contains a bat roost.

It’s a criminal offence to disturb or obstruct one, yet it appears OK for the Government to demolish one?


Fearon Road