Councillors find a good connection

THE current situation with BT internet services in Hastings is poor.

It adversely effects low-wage earners using the increasing number of interactive programmes through which piece work can be done to augment low incomes, pensions etc.

Adequate speeds are essential for these procedures.

There is a silver lining. Not the promise that things will be better next year, but the extremely energetic direct and effective intervention with BT by Amber Rudd MP and the strong involvement of Cllr John Hodges and Cllr Richard Stevens with respect to admonishing BT for very low speeds here.

BT responded to this all party Hastings barrage by starting to put things right and managing to up the speed.

Hastings is put at a disadvantage by several large concerns.

I wonder whether this all party consensual agitation could be a way forward to get Hastings a fair deal?

Anyway I’m bound to thank Ms Rudd, Cllr John Hodges and Cllr Richard Stevens for their action and support.


Marianne Park

Dudley Road