Council should support all venues

IN regard to David Sismore’s letter defending the £500,000 annual subsidy to his White Rock theatre, I’d like to make a comment.

It is possible to run an events venue (in our case St Mary-in-the-Castle) without an operating subsidy. Tough, but possible.

Hastings Borough Council should be putting more resources into marketing all the events and initiatives already happening in this town.

It should also be supporting all its venues, and providing subsidies where appropriate, for the events themselves and not the company running the building. This would also mean applying for Arts Council and other grants to minimise the amount coming out of the council’s core budget, which should be spent on the services and the people who really need it.

At the moment White Rock Theatre has the highest subsidy of all HQ Theatres in the country, regardless of the quality of its productions - literally at our expense.

The council needs a coherent arts and culture policy, highlighting all of those organisations and venues which are making a real contribution.



St Mary-in-the-Castle