Council should represent views

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Ivan Burge, Tower Road West, St Leonards

I really must protest the negative attitude of Cllr Peter Chowney in last week’s Observer feature on Brexit.

Hastings’ residents voted to leave the European Union at a rate above the national average and expect their councillors to exploit the advantages of our new found opportunities, not bleat on about a Brexit deal “so hopelessly complicated that you end up with an agreement that is so convoluted, so bad, and bad in the sense that it doesn’t give a sense of what people wanted”.

Statements like: “The idea that we would get our (fishing) quota back is not going to happen” and “People who wanted to leave won’t get a limit on immigration” demonstrate that Cllr Chowney’s heart is not in the job. The crowning stupidity in his statement: “I cannot see how it will resolve itself. I can see another referendum happening” is hard to believe.

Thankfully, the world is divided between pessimists and optimists.

Upbeat contributions from Paul Joy (We can take back control of our territorial waters) and William Third (No deal is better than a bad deal) represent the views of the majority in Hastings, the council should recognise this.

If not, the leader should be replaced.