Council services not from the council

WHATEVER Councillor Jeremy Birch’s power ambitions (Observer, 18 November), it seems that he currently doesn’t even have the authority to make decisions on how council services are delivered or run.

Following my letter about Government money on offer to councils to finance a return to weekly refuse collections which you kindly published the other week, I wrote to Cllr Birch asking if the Council will be taking up this offer.

I imagined that councillors would discuss the matter and come to a decision based upon local peoples’ wishes.

Instead, Cllr Birch passed my request for information about the council’s intentions to a local government official, Richard Homewood, at Enviromental Services to answer.

It appears, according to Mr Homeswood’s reply, that he and his colleagues will be the ones making this decision and not local councillors and, in any event, he says, the fortnightly twin bin scheme “is now generally well received and... the majority of residents now on the scheme would not wish to give up their wheeled bins and revert to weekly collections”!

So obviously no need for councillors, let alone the all-powerful Cllr Birch, to discuss the matter then?

Paul Ashton,

Norman Road,

St Leonards-on-Sea