Council seeking quick conclusion to Jerwood issue

I HAVE to comment on last week’s Observer front page headline – “Jerwood’s power paid for by you.”

I’m afraid it was sensationalist and ill-informed. The Jerwood gallery is still a building site – it is not open and certainly not using electricity.

If the electricity substation at the heart of the problem reported was connected up and fully functioning the Jerwood building site wouldn’t be using it.

The facts are that lawyers working for UK Power Networks (UKPN) have dragged their feet for weeks on end rather than tackle a complicated but not insoluble land ownership matter.

Lawyers are paid large salaries precisely to solve complicated issues.

Frustrated by this inordinate delay I contacted the chief executive of UKPN to cut through lawyer-speak two weeks ago. I am pleased to say that this has led to the organising of a meeting between myself, council staff and UKPN’s director of connections.

Out of this I hope will come a speedy resolution to this whole dismal affair. The substation the council has built will be connected up, mains power will flow to the Stade café and Stade Hall community centre.


Leader, Hastings Borough Council

Editor’s note: We are happy to allow clarification of any confusion caused by last week’s headline