Council needs to manage money

HASTINGS Borough Council’s fascination with easy money and cheap debt has led to a terrible reckoning, one there is a childish refusal to acknowledge.

The Your Views pages of the Observer are quite an eye-opener. Hell-bent on ruining Hastings and St Leonards at the behest of developers and builders; forever eager to win grant money from wherever available, spending on defunct offices, shops, industrial parks and roads; our hapless councillors and council officers measure success by money spent, no matter what the outcome.

Since the financial market collapse six years ago it has long been plain to see that schemes on the drawing board at the time are no longer feasible.

Because Labour councillors lack the courage to challenge the status quo and Conservative councillors refuse to show up at council meetings, the place is run by quangos.

What you get is houses, flats and parking areas, dustbins and recycling facilities on the convent ground, and a concreted White Rock Gardens. But I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it.


Sedlescombe Road South

St Leonards