Council must listen to protests

I walk in the country park every day, and host visitors to the town who come specifically to walk in this ‘area of natural beauty’.

Therefore I am appalled at the way our council has acted on our behalf in recommending with indecent haste the granting of permission for proposed ‘minor material amendments’ to the application at Rocklands Caravan Park above Ecclesbourne Glen.

Nearly 400 detailed, reasoned objections, many from residents’ groups, have been submitted and it seems, cast aside.

The implications of developments here are enormous, and the attitude of HBC in chosing to disregard major comments from their own commissioned geotech survey is astonishing.

Our recently re-elected council is doing the town a gross disservice in ignoring this avalanche of reasoned objections by a large number of residents and visitors to this town.

The future of this asset is at stake here.


St Mary’s Terrace