Council is trying to kill the Old Town

I AM now convinced that the council is determined to kill the Old Town.

Not only has it taken away parking on The Stade to build what looks like a pair of blockhouses (and not replaced the parking anywhere) the council has now seen fit to take away the parking at the end of High Street that many used to visit the Old Town in the evenings.

Many local community groups have historically met in the Old Town and I know of at least two who are now seriously thinking about going to Bexhill, taking their custom for the pubs with them and the chances are that the activities that they put on in the Old Town will also now benefit elsewhere.

I also know that the churches of the Old Town have suffered badly, with many people now going elsewhere because of the Sunday parking.

To maintain this important community we need people bringing in money, and that won’t happen if they cannot get there.

It’s no use saying that there are sufficient residents, most of the Old Town is becoming holiday and weekend residences.

Many of the people who make the Old Town special don’t live there, they can’t afford to do so.

The goose that lays Hastings’s golden egg is being strangled by incompetent parking regulations.

On top of that some clown has decided to make the very top end of High Street two-way on a blind bend.

Visitors will not expect a one-way street to suddenly turn two way for 20 yards and I have already witnessed a couple of near misses.


Collier Road