Council challenged over allotments methods

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CAN’T work out which is more hypocritical – allotment chairman Lovett-White complimenting the Observer on the story “Gardner evicted from allotment after a spat”, which he then proceeds to completely deride – or his fanciful idea that “the council go to great lengths and expense to ensure comfort and safety of plot tenants, far beyond their required duty”, when there is no evidence of this whatsoever.

The council provides the fenced-in plots with water supply, which is what allotment holders pay for.

The council also set percentages of the plots which need to be cultivated within a given time and it evicts people who do not meet these percentages to the inch.

As a result of strict enforcement of these rules, a potentially fun activity becomes a source of worry and stress for many who can’t keep up.

Sadly those most affected are OAPs. If you don’t choose to call this bullying, that does not change the end result.


Gordon Road