Cost worth the other options

THOSE who think 50p or even £1 a day to enjoy the Seafood and Wine Festival excessive should consider that the alternatives are paying much more to a commercial operator or not having a Festival at all.

That would mean no free samples, no free wine tasting classes, no expert cookery demonstrations, no entertainment tent, no children’s tent, no street entertainers and no opportunity to sample some of the best 1066 Country can give in the way of seafood and world class wines.

Those who came seemed more than happy and like other stall holders we found visitors appreciated being able to visit stalls and engage with the food and wine producers and vendors as well as sample and buy great food and drink.

Those who came to our stand for a (free) taste or took part in our (free) tutored wine tastings on the stage certainly appreciated the day and all said they’d return next year – even those brave souls at the last tasting on Sunday who braved the rather stormy weather.



The Essential Wine School

St Leonards