Controlled burning would be better

I was looking in the Observer last Friday (November 14) when I saw a letter in there by Chris Bowman, of Dudley Road in Clive Vale.

I have known Chris for a number of years and I feel that I have got to know him as a friend. I do agree with him in as much as saying that a controlled burn would be more appropriate than using these costly machines.

However I feel that I can go one better than that. In 1952 when I first became a professional gardener and I worked for the local parks and gardens there was a small gang of us of about five or six who were sent to work at the Firehills.

Our job was to cut out fire lines through the gorse. We then had fires to burn the rubbish which we did every day.

We always burned up all the rubbish which we had cut down that day and never left any rubbish when we finished for the day. This we did every day before we left for home.

We were there for about a week or maybe a little longer. I am not quite sure as this was a long time ago.

This was one of my first jobs as a professional gardener. I must admit that I haven’t frequented those areas for some years. I was a professional gardener from 1945 until 1996 apart from two years National Service from 1949 to 1951.

Now I am in the throes of writing a book about my gardening experiences and hoping that it maybe will bring home to the man in the street how gardening is such a difficult business when you really go into all the aspects of it.

Les Catt

Holmesdale Gardens