Consultation barely scratches the surface

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IN response to a question regarding the recent Local Development Framework consultation, the leader of the council states that 300 residents responded - 160 online and the remainder by ‘hard copy’.

This is a serious reflection on the format of this consultation, the whole document written in council speak, and incomprehensible to decipher by the average man or woman in the street. How many residents simply gave up on this I wonder?

The council stated that online responses were the preferred method of submission, but endeavouring to submit these comments online proved to be a veritable maze of confusion and frustration.

The hard copy questionnaires covered only a small part of the consultation that was on online.

I think I am correct in saying there are approximately 70,000 households in this town. What does this tell you?

This is not a consultation, it is a farce and I hope the council bins the whole sorry thing.

How can you call a total of 300 responses a fair representation of the views of residents? There are some lessons to be learned here Hastings Borough Council.

If you want residents to comment on the future of Hastings, you need to present these surveys in a clear, understandable format. How much did this wasted exercise cost us I wonder?


Whittlewood Close

St Leonards