Consequences for area

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THE recent decision to further delay the implementation of the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road has a number of consequences for the district, not least because the alternatives put forward in the recent statement by Norman Baker, Liberal Transport Minister, imply further public enquiries and the associated costs.

To those people who lobby against the link road and say that they know of better ways to spend the money, one way is to allow the link road to go ahead and not waste time and money as a consequence of indecision.

This project is NOT just about a new road, it is what it will offer and what it will provide.

It is fact that we need more affordable housing in the area, it is fact we need to create more jobs to stimulate the area, it is fact we need to improve our transport links to encourage business to come to our area, all aspects that seem to have been forgotten by the lobbyists. Most of all the construction of this road will provide a real boost to our economy.

I think that many residents who might read my letter may be surprised to be made aware that in our district and its surrounds we have a number of pockets of deprivation and this was confirmed via a working party that was established at Rother District Council. This issue is clearly of concern but by bringing business and providing jobs this would help to provide that much needed boost to the economy and thereby address those in need.

We are very lucky to live in possibly one of the most beautiful parts of England, and I appreciate that as much as others, but we really do need to look to the future, not back, and provide for our residents, young and old alike a community that takes regard of the need to have a vibrant economy, and one that can be enjoyed by all.

Remember, it is not just a road, but a pathway in respect of deprivation,housing and jobs.


Rother District Council