Conquest staff deserve praise

THERE are always plenty of people ready to attack the NHS - I want to tell Observer readers what I think about staff at the Conquest: They are absolutely brilliant.

I was taken into A&E at 4am last Thursday with strange stomach pains and was immediately surrounded by caring, concerned people all determined to find out what was wrong with me and put it right.

The professionalism and dedication of everyone, from the three paramedics who took me in by ambulance to the two doctors due off at 8am but who popped in at 7.55am to see if they could help, was nothing short of inspirational.

Every doctor, nurse and member of the support staff - even the guy who swept the floors and organised the meals - introduced themselves by name and had a cheery word for all the patients. No one felt abandoned. Everyone felt cared for and about. Everyone was kept in constant touch about what was going on.

I went in with a feeling of dread but came out with a feeling of tremendous gratitude to a team whose commitment to the community’s wellbeing is worthy of the highest praise. I can never thank them all enough.


The Grove