Conquest praise

MY 93-year-old mother, Gladys Landamore, was admitted to the Conquest’s Acute Assessement Unit (AAU) more than a week ago after a fall in which she smashed her head against a table and knocked herself unconscious, laying on the floor overnight before my brother found her the next morning.

Obviously, this could all have ended very unhappily for her.

However, after just one week in the Acute Assessment Unit, my mother looks well on the way to a complete recovery (she was moved to Baird Ward last Wednesday).

I can scarcely put into words how impressed I have been by the treatment she has been given, and the care and consideration she has received from all AAU staff: their cheerfully positive professionalism, attitudes and demeanour give the lie to the NHS horror stories that appear so regularly in the media (and are too often regurgitated by politicians).

This is the second time in three years my mother has had cause to thank the team at the Conquest Hospital.


South Way