Congratulations on recycling

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THE residents of Four Courts, and Roosevelt Court in particular, should be commended for their recycling efforts.

My only concern is the council’s method of measuring success by the amount of recyleable material collected. This doesn’t show the full picture. There should also be a measure of the total amount of waste. If the total volume of waste had doubled in the time that recycling had gone up by 25 per cent, for example, it would paint a very different picture.

If a single person were to live entirely on convenience foods, they could generate a large volume of waste for recycling on their own. A family growing living on fresh produce from their garden/allotment and small independent shops may generate nothing for recycling.

If the council were to measure the amount of recycling from the two properties the single person could be seen as the recycling champion.

Much more emphasis should be placed on reducing overall waste, not just recycling.


Stanley Road