Confused over consultation

THE Planning Strategy and the Development Management Plan (DMP) were to be adopted within a few months of each other i.e, July 2013 and December 2013.

The actual date for the Planning Strategy was February 19, 2014 (seven months late) and the proposed date for the DMP is November 2015, nearly two years late.

The Development Management (revised) only had a six-week consultation period which ends on April 22, 2014. The minimum consultation should be 12 weeks.

The latest consultation has not had the process of community involvement and there have been no meetings by the planners with the community in Focus areas 1-13.

I have been told by many residents, who would like to participate, that the system is undemocratic and confusing and of local people’s difficulty in navigating the process.

Yes, we are confused by the system.

We get six weeks for the consultation and the planners have up to 13 weeks to get the information to the Planning Inspector and then 16 months to be adopted.

The consultation period should be extended a further six weeks and proper consultation held with local people and the system simplified.


Ticehurst Close