Concern over safety of new buildings

THE news that a section of the partially completed college building at Priory Square collapsed on Sunday evening must be of concern to residents of Hastings. Fortunately no one was injured.

Readers will remember another Sea Space project, when building the Creative Media Centre at Cambridge Road and Robertson Street, where the retained frontage of the County Buildings in Cambridge Road was allowed to collapse overnight. Whatever the reason for the latest loss of the building cladding, the quality of this and other building sites in Hastings should be checked out.

In other parts of the country, quality building site requirements are imposed and good quality builders sign up or adopt the “Considerate Constructor Scheme” code of conduct.

With the intention of improving the image of construction, responsible building sites ensure that sites are fully enclosed by hoardings and all construction materials are safely stored within the construction site, as well as other safe building procedures.

At the Priory Street building site behind the Post Office, the highway is used as a makeshift storage site without proper fencing and much of the site is enclosed by Heras-type fencing that does not contain dust and noise.

For several months the public right of way from the Brass Monkey Havelock Road has been diverted away from its legal route without adequate signage or any interest that steps have been introduced into the route that will affect those with disabilities.

If the council planners and highway department won’t insist on high standards from builders in the town perhaps members of the planning board will pay more attention to the environment and public safety issues when allowing developers to build.

That is if they are concerned about the environment, appearance of the streets and public safety.


Lower Park Road