Concern over planning application approval

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IT was with concern I read Mr Roberts’ letter in the Observer last month regarding the approval of a planning application for three houses on a vacant site in Market Street.

According to a statement issued by the council and recently quoted on another application the following is stated:

“The Hastings Local Plan Policy DG21 (land stability) is applicable to this application. The Local Plan states planning permission will be granted for development on land potentially subject to instability (such as steeply sloping sites or in areas with a history of land instability) only where the applicant provides supporting evidence that any actual or potential instability can be overcome through appropriate remedial, preventative or precautionary measures.”

“Planning applications relating to such sites should include a report on the stability of the land indicating how any problems would be overcome. Planning considerations relating to any consequent ground works may be imposed where planning permission is granted.”

There is no indication that any of the above was applied to the Market Street application and this site is in an area of known land instability.

Undercliff collapsed some years ago when development was commenced and this site is only a short distance from the Market Street site.

Many objections and concerns were raised about the stability of this site on Market Street and yet nothing has been addressed on this serious issue.

An explanation is required from the planning department as to why this issue was ignored on this application.


Whittlewood Close

St Leonards