Concern about level of care after cuts

THE recent reports from the Care Quality Commission are deeply concerning, perhaps even more so knowing that the Conquest Hospital is looking to cut £2.9 million over the next year with further cuts to come.

Although it is said that jobs will not be lost, services and facilities will.

This can be seen with the uncertain future of Murray Ward, which was specifically for elderly care.

Having worked at both the Conquest and in the community as a nursing auxiliary, it is obvious that the massive responsibility for elderly care will now be shunted back into the community; into social care and ultimately with local authorities, which are already struggling to pay for services following huge Government cuts.

In among this mess of NHS reform, little thought seems to have been given to the people and families that will now have to fight for the care they need and to staff in both the NHS and local authorities who will struggle to carry out the high levels of care they wholeheartedly want to achieve.


Robertson Street