College’s Hair deserves the very highest marks

BRILLIANT, colourful, vibrant and lively are simple words but mean a lot when connected with Sussex Coast College Hastings’s production of the hit musical Hair which it staged at the White Rock on Thursday and Friday of last week.

I attended the show having seen it on the London stage when it came out many times, and I was expecting something possibly not quite the same.

Wow, was I hugely surprised with the massive amount of quality those students brought to the stage, and with a terrific band of musicians that accompanied them, along with the lighting, the show surpassed any thought of a poor night out.

It was absolutely marvellous and well done to the director Kate, the college principal and the students themselves.

They did Hastings proud and hopefully all will get the highest grades possible when end of term marks are needed.

Well done all and well done the White Rock Theatre.


Sackville Road