College fashion show was brilliant

WHAT a terrific show put on by the students; amazing costumes and fabulous different styles.

Hastings certainly has a lot to offer students of all ages. My husband and I went to the show and also had a fabulous four-course meal, VIP style. The food and service was really fantastic. Wonderful choices of food, brilliantly produced and served.

The students have done the college proud in showing what they can produce, i.e. quality of food and amazing fashions.

These youngsters are a credit to us all.

Hastings is up and coming. Everybody should know from the south east, right across the country to dispel the negative comments that are made about Hastings and St Leonards.

Well done everybody at Sussex Coast College Hastings.

It is a marvellous building that we should all be proud of.


Salisbury Road, St Leonards.