College defence

I WRITE to advise you how I feel about the criticism of William Parker Sports College, of which I have enjoyed a liaison for very many years.

I should explain that I was area rep for Neighbourhood Watch in Parkstone Road and Park View until I retired about tow or three years ago, being over 90, and went to committee meetings over a span of 10 to 15 years, originally initiated by the then headmaster, which sorted out many a problem.

I found nothing but courtesy from staff and the boys were generally well-behaved, and even in the local shop they did not in any way misbehave.

As regards bullying, you get that almost anywhere. I was bullied at boarding school in Bristol, my home town, very many years ago. It has to be accepted, sad though it is.

So many things were done to help disabled boys.

The only drawback was parking and that was not the fault of the school as many times letters would go to parents asking them to be considerate about where they parked. There again, many schools have this problem.


Parkstone Road