Coach drivers should use proper drop off points

ONCE again the coach drivers for language schools refuse to use the proper drop off and pick up points for students staying in the town, then the host families arrive just for good luck to cause more chaos.

The children leave the coach doors straight into the road and sooner or later one will be hit by a car.

This situation has become far worse since the closing of the Stade coach park, as it seems the drivers are reluctant to use the new purpose-built facility in Falaise Road.

We supported the Jerwood as a new attraction for Hastings tourism, but are now suffering the consequences.

Since our esteemed council insists it wants to keep bedspaces in the town, and has just adopted a strait-jacket policy for just this reason.

Perhaps it can also adopt a strict policy for enforcing the language school coaches into using the new publicly-funded spaces for drop off and pick up in coaches at Sea Road and Falaise Road.


Millifont Guesthouse

Cambridge Gardens