Closure threat unit was superb

closure threat

I WRITE to protest most vehemently against the possible closure of the Stroke Care Unit at the Conquest Hospital.

I recently suffered a slight stroke and benefited from the superb care I was offered, from the prompt arrival of the paramedical team, examination in A&E, and five days of treatment in Egerton Ward.

The expertise, enthusiasm and encouragement of everyone from the consultant and his team, the nursing team, the cleaners and the people delivering food, was exemplary.

I was lucky; my stroke was slight, but many more people needed constant nursing.

It enabled me to observe the life of this busy ward, and to appreciate all that was being done for me and other patients.

Further, TEAM was the operative word, and this sort of devotion is not built up overnight.

Many of the staff had worked there for long periods, and they retained their enthusiasm.

It is impossible to put a financial value on such service, but East Sussex should be proud and grateful to have it and we should fight to keep it intact.


Priory Avenue